Speed Math Lessons For Kids: Necessity Or Luxury?

Speed Math Lessons For Kids: Necessity Or Luxury?

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In the day and age that we live in, normal people cannot afford to buy things that aren’t really important. And for some parents, that will include speed math lessons for kids. And honestly, that is a big debate.

Even though our schools systems today have evolved a lot and many schools are actually upgrading their systems to keep up with technology, there aren’t a lot of schools who are doing something to improve their math curriculum.

Fortunately, a lot of Asian schools have great math curriculum. But majority of the global population are still using and are exposed to the wrongs ways to teach and learn math. This is why, as a parent, it is your job to look for some courses that will teach speed math- the right way to learn math.

But since speed math isn’t openly taught in schools, especially in public schools, kids do not have an easy access to speed math lessons. There are some resources online but of course, the free ones aren’t really that in-depth and easy to understand.

And for some parents, this will give rise to the questions: are speed math courses a necessity or a luxury?

If this is one of your questions regarding speed math, then read on. Specifically, we will talk about what speed math is and the long-term effects of speed math for kids.

What Is Speed Math, Anyway?

Speed math is an age old way of learning and understanding math. It is a method of seeing or understanding numbers in a different and deeper way. There are many speed math techniques and it depends on which one your kid will learn to determine how fast they will become a math whiz. Some of the more famous mental math techniques would include abacus math, chunking and many more.

The Long-Term Effect Of Speed Math

When we talk about speed math, you should definitely see it as an investment. You may spend some money now but a few bucks will seem nothing once you start seeing the fruits of your (and your kid’s) labour. Your kid will start getting higher grades in school.

Aside from that, this can also help them boost their self-esteem! Since they won’t have to worry about not getting the right answers in a math exam, you will surely notice that they have a better attitude towards school and learning, in general.

There are many reasons that can hinder you from enrolling your kids in a speed math course. And I’m sure that money is one of the top reasons. But as you will find out, there are more pros than cons when it comes to speed math.


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