How To Make Mental Math Interesting To Kids

How To Make Mental Math Interesting To Kids

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Mental math, at first, won’t be too interesting for your kids. And if you are a parent who is looking for some interesting and exciting ways to introduce mental math to their kids, then this article is for you.

Now, the first thing that you have to do to avoid this scenario is to make sure that you find the best mental math lessons or tutor out there. Be sure that they are of quality and that their methods are efficient and effective.

Good mental math teachers know their audience and they know that these audiences want to play. A good mental math lesson must be presented in a playful and interesting manner.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s now time to show you some games that you could play with your kids at home or at the car or wherever else to help them practice the techniques that they learn from mental math.

These games may take much of your time so it’s best to do them on weekends or plan ahead. You should also be prepared for prizes or rewards. Take them out for ice cream or promise them more time at the playground.

Just be creative and as involved as possible!

  1. Detective Trail is a game where you create a trail for your kids to follow wherein the clues you leave behind would use different numbers or equations.
  2. Dice Up is a really exciting game that can be played by the whole family. Here, all you need is a dice and two teams. This is a great way to practice their mental math skills in addition. Every time you roll a dice, you add the number to the last number you rolled. The team with the highest total sum from the dice wins. And to add a little flare to it, any team who rolls a dice and gets a one would lose all their points.
  3. You can also cook up your own home version of the game show, “The Price is Right” but of course, you should let them do equations and give them problem solving questions too. You can ask them to compute for the change or something like that.

Of course, the beauty of introducing mental math through games is that your imagination is the limit. This is a pretty big deal so you really need to make sure that you will portray mental math concepts in the most playful and most interesting manner.

Dealing with kids and mental math can really stress you out. But now that you know the number one way to introduce mental math to kids, go out there and plan out your first mental math game with your kids.


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