Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic

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Mental Arithmetic

Super SpeedLearning teaches Mental Arithmetic

What’s the most hated subject in school?


Most kids, especially those in kindergarten and primary school, encounter problems understanding the basics of mathematical concepts and numerals. Well, math is really hard to understand- even adults can get confused sometimes by all those number, decimals and fractions!

We, at Super Speed Learning for Kids, know that.

And this is why we have a special program called “Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic” to help your little angels get through their math classes easily.

Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic is a course that’s designed to teach your kids some tricks and techniques to process mathematical concepts easily and faster.

It is also a course that would help your child calculate mathematical equations- no need for a pencil and paper! Your kids won’t even need calculators once they finish the Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic course!

Aside from making your child a wiz in numbers, the Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic course will also help develop his left and right brain functions.

Your child is going to grow up as a smart and creative person. Not only that, he’s also going to learn how to improve his interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Mental arithmetic lessons have also been proven as an effective way to sharpen memory (even develop photographic memory), increase concentration and enhances agility.

With the Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic course, your child will grow into a well-rounded person.

This program is made fun and easy to understand for young minds. You don’t have to worry about the class being too sophisticated for your child.

If you want to know more, just fill out the form at the “Contact Us” page or send an email at info@superspeedlearning.com for more details.