Mental Arithmetic Singapore- Information Every Parent Must Know

Mental Arithmetic Singapore- Information Every Parent Must Know

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Reading this article will give you some information on mental arithmetic Singapore. We will talk about its benefits, relationship with the brain and the current state of mental arithmetic in Singapore.

There was a story last July on how good in math students in Singapore are. The students were so good that they even called a certain method of teaching math as “Singapore Math” because of their strong math skills. But there are also some who call it mental arithmetic Singapore.

Singapore has been a world leader in many aspects. They have a steady economy, high-tech developments in architecture, engineering and gadgets and they are known for their school system.

Mental Arithmetic In Singapore

Mental arithmetic is a mathematical learning process wherein your child turns from a math hater to a math wizard. Mental arithmetic is where a person solves and processes mathematic equations mentally- paper free.

In a recent study of math proficiency in children, Singapore was the number 1 and this draw a lot of attention on their teaching methods. They found out the Singapore schools use abacus in their curriculum. Abacus is an essential tool used in mental arithmetic.

The Young Brain

The first eight years of a child’s life is very important in learning new languages. In this stage, the brain develops the most so the parents must take advantage of this.

The optimum period of a child (0-8) is the period to learn a new language and it is where the human brain reaches its peak. The best time to develop a person’s articulation of words and sentences and number sense is at the age of three to seven years old.

Benefits of Mental Arithmetic Singapore

The Speed Learning Mental Arithmetic will not only help your child in math, it will also help them develop their left and right brain functions.

Mental arithmetic Singapore lessons have been proven effective to sharpen memory, enhance agility and increase concentration. Your child will surely grow up to be a smart and creative person.

Mental arithmetic Singapore may seem like a weird or unnecessary concept for some parents based in Singapore. But if you take a close look at it, you will find that it really does make a lot of sense.

Every kid in Singapore is lucky to receive the kind of education that is existent in most schools there. But why stop there? Right? Why not let your kids get more and get the best with the help of good mental arithmetic courses or teacher. Who knows, you just might have a genius of a child!


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