Mental Math Malaysia: Why Every Kid Needs to Study Mental Math

Mental Math Malaysia: Why Every Kid Needs to Study Mental Math

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In Malaysia, mental math is starting to gain a following but it has not reached its momentum yet. Nonetheless, a lot of parents are looking into the benefits of mental math Malaysia.

Now, mental math Malaysia is especially useful to kids in primary school. During this time, a person is much easier to teach math and they would be more likely to remember all the concepts of mental math that are being taught to them.

Malaysia’s Math Curriculum

The math curriculum in Malaysia is actually pretty good. In primary school, attended by kids aged 7 to 12, are taught many things. School systems aim to teach kids about:

  • Basic numerals
  • Problem solving
  • Estimation or approximations
  • Ability to interpret graphs
  • Understand how digits are arranged

Aside from that, kids are also taught how to write numbers, count, understand place values and acquire the basic skills of the four basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

At schools, kids are also learning to measure, weight and understand the value of currency. Kids are also taught to record and read simple tables and graphs.

Malaysia Mental Arithmetic

Pretty much, kids in Malaysia are proficient in mathematics. But then again, they are taught only the basics and even these aren’t taught in-depth. With mental arithmetic, not only will math be taught in the best and most effective way possible, they would also be taught in the most in-depth way.

Mental arithmetic is also a great tool to develop a child’s interest and genuine appreciation of numbers. When you enrol your kid in a mental arithmetic class, they would really see that math is a very enjoyable subject and that learning it can be fun.

I personally think that that is the best benefit that a kid can get from mental arithmetic. The moment that they see that math isn’t pure numbers and that it can be mixed with fun, the better they will be at their math subjects.

A new study has also showed that kids who excel at math in the first grade would be able to breeze through their future math subjects. This study from the University of Missouri also claims that once a kid falls back from his math classes, it would be easier to get back on track.

This study followed the academic lives of 177 children from their first grade mathematics to their first algebra class. It showed that those who were good in math at first grade didn’t have that much problem in their first algebra class.

This means that you should really start looking for your kid’s mental arithmetic lesson to make sure that your kids won’t have a problem in the first grade.


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