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Mental Arithmetic Singapore- Information Every Parent Must Know

Reading this article will give you some information on mental arithmetic Singapore. We will talk about its benefits, relationship with the brain and the current state of mental arithmetic in Singapore. There was a story last July on how good in math students in Singapore are. The students were so good that they even called a certain method of teaching math as “Singapore Math” because of their strong math skills. But there are also some who call it mental arithmetic Singapore. Singapore has been a world leader in many aspects. They have a steady economy, high-tech developments in architecture, engineering […]

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Mental Math For Kids And Its Role In Intelligence

Most kids complain about math. They say it’s hard and they can’t understand the formulas. This is very normal to both kids and even adults. Yes, adults like us don’t like math as well. But we both know that math is very important in our daily lives. Mental math lessons will help your kids master numbers quickly and effective. Here are some useful information so your kids will love mental math. Some Information On Intelligence Intelligence is a vital part of ourselves as human beings. They say you can only be a genius if your dad is a genius. This […]

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Mental Math Malaysia: Why Every Kid Needs to Study Mental Math

In Malaysia, mental math is starting to gain a following but it has not reached its momentum yet. Nonetheless, a lot of parents are looking into the benefits of mental math Malaysia. Now, mental math Malaysia is especially useful to kids in primary school. During this time, a person is much easier to teach math and they would be more likely to remember all the concepts of mental math that are being taught to them. Malaysia’s Math Curriculum The math curriculum in Malaysia is actually pretty good. In primary school, attended by kids aged 7 to 12, are taught many […]

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How To Make Mental Math Interesting To Kids

Mental math, at first, won’t be too interesting for your kids. And if you are a parent who is looking for some interesting and exciting ways to introduce mental math to their kids, then this article is for you. Now, the first thing that you have to do to avoid this scenario is to make sure that you find the best mental math lessons or tutor out there. Be sure that they are of quality and that their methods are efficient and effective. Good mental math teachers know their audience and they know that these audiences want to play. A […]

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Mental Arithmetic For Kids- Choosing Books And Courses For Your Kids

Most parents make mistakes when they are in the process of picking the right mental arithmetic course or books for their child. Well, if you are one of those parent, then you will want to read this article. Mental arithmetic is a mathematical leaning process wherein your child turns from a “math hater” to a math whiz. As the term suggests, mental arithmetic is where a person solves and processes mathematic equations mentally- totally paper free! Many kids hate their math classes. It’s almost a normal thing. I bet that even you aren’t a big fan of math too! Right? […]

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Mental Math Singapore- How To Give Your Child The Edge They Need In School

Most parents in Singapore are happy with their kid’s mental math curriculum. Well, mental math Singapore sometimes sounds like a redundancy because most schools in this country teaches math in a very superb way. But this just means that every student in Singapore is getting the same superb education. Unfortunately, this levels the playing ground. Additional mental math Singapore courses now sounds like the best way to give your child the edge that they need in school. Now, if you are not convinced that your child needs mental math Singapore lessons, then you will want to read this article. Specifically, […]

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Speed Math Lessons For Kids: Necessity Or Luxury?

In the day and age that we live in, normal people cannot afford to buy things that aren’t really important. And for some parents, that will include speed math lessons for kids. And honestly, that is a big debate. Even though our schools systems today have evolved a lot and many schools are actually upgrading their systems to keep up with technology, there aren’t a lot of schools who are doing something to improve their math curriculum. Fortunately, a lot of Asian schools have great math curriculum. But majority of the global population are still using and are exposed to […]

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Mental Math For Toddlers: Why Earlier Is Better

You’ll be surprised to know that there are some parents who enrol their kids in a mental math program and get frowned upon by other parents. Why? Well, these parents (who do the frowning) think that kids should do what kids do: play. They shouldn’t be faced with the task of learning mental math at such an early age. Well, if you are one of those sceptic parents, you should read this article. Specifically, we will talk about the top reasons why every kid must learn mental math at the earliest age possible. After reading this article, you should be […]

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Speed Math for Kids- Three Things Every Parent Must Know

Speed math for kids is the best way for any child to learn about math. Whether your kid is having a hard time at school with their math lessons or they’re actually good at math and you want to nurture that, a parent can never go wrong with speed math lessons. But sadly, not a lot of people are aware of what speed math is and how they can use it. Then again, you’re reading this article so that means that your kids are the luckiest kids! Now, if you are seriously considering enrolling your kids in a speed math […]

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Mental Arithmetic for Kids: How To Sharpen Memory

Mental arithmetic for kids is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to show your kids that learning is fun. Aside from learning about math, your kids will also get to look at learning and studying in a whole new light- that, I think is the biggest benefit your kids will get from mental arithmetic. Now, if your kids are already learning mental arithmetic or you’re looking for another reason why you need to enrol your kids in a mental arithmetic class, then you would want to read this article. Specifically, we will talk about the relationship between mental […]

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